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 Shae Xolos

We Show Naked!

If you would like health testing information on any of my dogs, please see their respective pages or contact me. I am available at 1-731-358-5822 for any questions. I am happy to share any health or temperament information about my dogs.

I will no longer be posting results directly on my website as there is a "breeder" in Massachusetts who uses my dogs health testing results on her website as HER health test results. Yeah, pathetic I know but it's happening. So because this testing costs me thousands of dollars, please ask for details. Thanks for your understanding.  

As a whole the breed is healthy. However, over the years, I have been made aware of several conditions in this breed. I know of hip dysplasia, Addison's Disease, Seizure disorder, DCM, infertility, cataracts etc. We will continue to do health testing until all of our dogs are 100% tested for breed specific concerns (that there is a test for). If there is a specific condition for which there is no test, we cannot guarantee against it but will do all available tests and any others as they become available to ensure we have healthy dogs ourselves and to be sure their offspring is just as healthy. 


King got his OFA results; Hips "Good" elbows "Normal" cardiac "Normal" Patellas "Normal" his DNA health testing for over 200 health conditions in dogs came back 100% clear of everything! We now wait for his eye exam for his CHIC number. 

Mamba's testing: OFA Hips are "Good" Elbows are "Normal" Patellas are "Normal" and cardiac exam is "Normal"

Malgosia's testing: OFA Cardiac "Normal" Patellas are "Normal" Hips are "Good" and elbows are "Normal" 

I have DNA tested 8 dogs so far for over 200 health tests and ALL have come back 100% free of everything tested for. Zero carriers!

You may also visit Xoloritzcuintli DNA Results on FB to see all of my DNA testing done thus far.